B-BALL W SHAQ! Get the Can. Download the App. Get your game on!

AriZona Soda Shaq BasketballAriZona Soda Shaq Basketball
Soda Shaq Hoops Gameplay

AriZona® Soda Shaq Hoops


Gamers, get your thumbs in gear!

AriZona Beverages' Soda Shaq Hoops Game App – a unique augmented reality experience that allows you to take your best shot. It’s a pop-a-shot game like nothing you’ve ever seen, as the app transforms an ordinary can into a digital, multi-function gaming experience. Flick a finger to sink a basket, as the Shaq avatar 3-dimensionally attacks with cheers, taunts and more.

- Download Soda Shaq Basketball game using the buttons below.
They will direct you to Apple's AppStore or Google PLAY
- After installing the game, run the Soda Shaq Basketball game on your device
- Point your camera at the printed Soda Shaq card you received or a Soda Shaq cream soda can
- Enjoy!

- Minimum Requirements: Apple iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iOS 4.0 or newer, Android 2.3 or newer with back facing camera
- You must run this from your mobile device’s web browser
- You must have a can of AriZona® SODA SHAQ or download and print this marker to play the game

AriZona Soda Shaq Basketball AriZona Soda Shaq Basketball

1) Where’s the hoop?
To summon Shaq’s hoop and backboard, you’ll need to get yourself a can of any flavor of Soda Shaq Cream Soda. Point your camera at Shaq's face to create the hoop in a well-lit area.
2) The hoop and/or Shaq’s face seem shaky. What can I do?
Make sure to keep your camera steady and try turning on your camera’s light by going to the Settings menu and tapping on the Light option.
3) Where can I find a SodaShaq can?
SodaShaq is sold nationwide at select stores including most 7-11 locations.
4) What are tokens for?
Each token is good for one SodaShaq game. You get a handful of tokens each day and they replenish over time. You can also earn more tokens by scanning SodaShaq cans. Every flavor earns you more game tokens!
5) What happens when I scan a can?
You’ll enter a special Flavor mode giving you extra time to rack up points. You’ll also receive extra game tokens.
6) How do I hit a three-pointer in the game?
If you’re only shooting two-pointers, move further away from the hoop to get into three point range. The box above the hoop while change to light blue when you are in 3-point range.
7) How do I view the Hall of Fame?
Hall of Fame is only available to FaceBook users. Once you have successfully logged into FaceBook, you will see a trophy icon on the right side of the screen. Click that to pull up the Hall of Fame Leaderboard.
8) How do I share my scores?
Your scores are automatically shared to all your FaceBook friends who are also playing Soda Shaq Basketball while logged into FaceBook.
9) What happens when I log-in through Facebook?
Enabling Facebook will let you compare your scores with your friends. You’ll also earn extra game tokens.
10) That song in the background sure is catchy. What is it?
“I’m Outstanding” performed by none other than Shaquille O’Neal from his debut album "Shaq Diesel".
11) Should I fake the funk on a nasty dunk?

If you are having technical issues that you simply can’t resolve, please call 800-832-3775 and tell them Shaq sent you!